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The little Blue Stars

Preschool Wisdom

Preschool Wisdom

April 27th,  Earth Day

Because this last week it was earth day we had talked about saving our planet, recycling and such. I had showed where my recycling was, what could be recycled and how it would be recycled. Further we discussed polluting our air, water and soil/land. We read the book The Lorax and The Bearenstein Bears Pollution. 

It somehow left an impression on them because when the children were playing outside in the backyard afterwards, Ca came up to me and said: "Pi is littering, he threw his jacket on the ground". 

Later that day, at pick up time, while I was talking to the parents, the children would be running over the front lawn and then come back putting some things in my hand. I continued busy talking to the parents while the children kept coming back to me and putting more things in my hand. Finally, I looked at what was in my hand. It was garbage. They had gone around the yard, picking up every little bit that did not belong to the earth. They had collected even the smallest piece of litter. 

I was more then impressed. We did not discuss or practice 'picking up' litter yet. They decided to do that completely on their own. Not only that, they did it with more detail then any adult would have. It always amazes me how these little minds work. 

November, 2016  - Boy Friends

​Sa (3yrs old) said somewhat oblivious: "My boy friend had a hair cut". 
Ka (4yrs old) frowned and had a disturbed expression on her face and said: "Don't marry him yet because that's disgusting".